Friday, November 03, 2006

Ran out of yarn; mousie pants

Here is the toddler's cabled sweater I've been knitting for little Ben F. All was peachy until I realised I would run out of yarn just before finishing the neckband (argh!) I was using yarn from my stash that had threatened to become a scarf, but I'd frogged it and no longer had the ball band. Stress!

I went into Burnaby Knitworks yesterday and not only did the fabulous Freda know what my yarn was (and that it is indeed superwash - hurray!) but she helped me find the perfect yarn to finish it off. I'd decided to do the rolled edging on the neckline in a contrast colour, rather than trying to match it; that way I can do twin sister April's sweater (in cream) with the same contrast edging. However, where I had been envisioning a boring beige or sage green, Freda found me this yummy variegated yarn - 100% wool and superwash, just like the sweater.

I've never been drawn to these bright variegated things before - I'm not into bright and busy. But knitting with it is FUN!

And here is my latest project - started while Ben's sweater was on hold, pending a solution to the yarn issue. I'm using the Lil' Devil Pants pattern from Stitch 'n' Bitch Nation, but since Kittycat is not devilish, I'm using white and grey Lanett (from Sandnes Garn) and making stripes (because doing it in plain old boring old stocking stitch will take forever - I'll get bored and not finish it). Instead of a devil tail, I'm going to make a mouse tail for her. Just because. I don't even like mice. But I think she will make a very cute mousie.


Blogger angelsandsparkles said...

The Norwegian sweater you did for your daughter is beautiful. She looks so cute in it!

7:52 AM  

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