Monday, June 02, 2008

June goals and more socks

Firstly, here are my latest socks: Clover socks. My own design, knitted in Elann Sock it to me 4-ply (the pink) and SR Kertzer On your Toes (the brown, left over from Chi's socks in the last post). Knit on 2.25mm needles, toe-up, magic loop, 72 sts round the foot and leg. I like a nice tight gauge on my socks.




Also, here are my June goals.

1) FO finish tomten
(I am knitting a toddler or smallish child sized Tomten in Gedifra Living, an aran-weight superwash wool. It is going to be too big for Kittycat, but I think I might give it away to a friend with a four year old boy).
2) FO finish lace ribbon scarf
(Great pattern! Very excellend mindless knitting and ate up a couple of balls that had been stashed with no real purpose in mind. I am already over half way through).
3) frog back ogee tunic front and finish
(this is giving me grief... I love the pattern, but the yarn is hard on the hands - Elann's Camila, a cotton-linen blend. Also I am not as keen on the colour as I thought I would be. So, now that the front appears to be too long (so that the split for the front neckline gives me a cleavage that plunges somewhere around my belly button - NOT a good thing on this body!) I need to frog it back, and that just makes me sad. I think I've done more frogging than knitting this year already!)
4) finish Betsy’s norgi’s body section
(I'm knitting a cute little Norwegian-style sweater, just the same as in my first ever blog post, but a bit bigger. It's going along nicely - I can definitely finish the body this month, perhaps the sleeves too)
5) FO make a pair of plain (ribbed) socks (green tofutsies for me) (start June 21)
(Summer of socks starts June 21!! I'm not going for fancy, just knitting away the stash. Which may have been added to. A little. )
6) FO make a dishcloth
(just so I have something easy to cross off the list!)
7) use up 8 balls of yarn
(I managed 10 in May! May was a good month. Not so much frogging happened as in March and April, which were sad and depressing months. Mind you I also bought 4 balls in May, which takes away from the achievement a little. )
8) FO finish Cathedral mitts
(These started as Cathedral socks by Jeannie Townsend, but I didn't like how they were coming out. Then I tried one on my hand and lo and behold, it wanted to be a fingerless mitt. And so it became just that. Now I have second mitt syndrome!)
9) smocking!!
(A non knitting goal... I have a little dress for Kittycat that is partially smocked, it needs to be finished and sewn up. I also have a brown skirt for me that needs to be smocked and sewn, but I cut the smocking threads off too short and have to work out how I can make it work after all. If make any progress on either of these in June I'll be happy).
10) FO finish platypus
(This was knit several years ago and has never been seamed and stuffed! Just do it already, woman!)
11) FO finish the blue jacket
(A non knitting goal. I started sewing this jacket in April, - no, March - and it's really close to being done).
12) FO make a tiny turtle from sock yarn?
(I won't be sad if I don't do this, but it looks kind of fun!)

In May I achieved 8 of my 14 goals, so I hope I can do better this month.


Blogger Georgiann said...

Beautiful socks, lofty goals -- as they say down here, you are cookin' with gas, girl! (And thanks for your comment and concern -- you're so sweet, but I'm not completely losing it yet -- our grandsons call my husband "grandma" for some crazy reason, and it's become our little family joke!)

5:50 AM  
Blogger Lene said...

Beautiful socks! And quite a list for June, good luck with it!

(And thank you for reading and commenting.)

8:42 AM  
Blogger Shirley said...

Hi Christine:

I am envious. As a beginner knitter, I can't imagine anything that involves more than one colour at this time. I have been searching for a pattern (or patterns) for mittens that are animal-shaped. Since you seem to be totally immersed in knitting/crochet, do you have any suggestions? My email address is - p.s. Michael used to work with me at Kumon.

9:06 AM  
Blogger woolcat said...

Hi Shirley! Guess I should really check my blog more often! Lovely to hear from you. has orca mittens, or if you can get a book called "Stitch n bitch nation" from the library, there is a pattern there for alligator mittens. Hope that helps!

6:46 PM  

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