Monday, December 03, 2007

December goals

This is officially a boring post. It would be less boring with photos, but my computer at home is horribly slow - we are getting a new one this week or next (hurrah!) and I may be better at posting photos once that happens.

For November I DID finish my mum's pressie; I made mittens; I finished my droplet hat.

I did NOT finish the entrelac scarf, and being obedient to my own rule did not, therefore, cast on for the Brea bag. Neither did I finish the socks, but that is OK.

I DID however knit a hat for Chi (I need to do the tubular bind-off but apart from that it is done); I started a hat for Kittycat; I started a scarf from Victorian Lace Today (the one on p98, with the French Trellis border, but I'm simplifying the centre panel) out of some alpaca I got.

SO my December goals are as follows:
1) finish Chi's hat
2) finish Kittycat's hat
3) finish the alpaca scarf (it is intended as a "prayer scarf" for a student of mine who's having a tough time right now and has spent a big chunk of time in hospital)
4) finish a scarf I am knitting for my niece (a Matilda scarf from Noro Kureyon and Lett-Lopi)

all these in time for Christmas, and if some weird time warp thing happens and I have more time before Christmas, I'll make some socks for my Mum.

5) finish the entrelac scarf (I'm almost 2/3 done).
6) finish the diamond waffle socks (I've finished one and started the other, but not got beyond the toe).

I also have some UFOs that I don't want to drag into 2008 - specifically, a scarf in Manos del Uruguay that just isn't connecting with me, so I'm going to frog it and assign the lovely yarn to hats; and a needle case in Kureyon, that is frankly kind of ugly, but I've already felted it so I'm just going to have to finish it. I need one anyway, it just won't be as pretty as I'd hoped.

Once again my reward for finishing all this, if I do, will be to cast on for the brea bag.


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