Sunday, October 14, 2007


Finally I am getting around to posting my blogstalking assignments!

Week 1: Who am I?

I'm a knitter in my mid-30s, who teaches high school modern languages, has a husband and daughter - and knitting, work and family takes up most of my time and space these days. My faith is central to who I am. I work hard not to simply accept what the dominant culture around me says is acceptable, but to think for myself; I am an inveterate consumer (especially of yarn) but I'm trying to detox from that. I speak four languages, and want to learn more (they are English, French, Russian and Spanish - I can also make sense of a fair bit of Italian and I have a smattering of German, and I'd like to learn Mandarin or Japanese next). I was always a bit of a bookworm but find my time for that is limited these days. I hate commuting by car and much prefer public transit.

Week 2: Purseguts

My handbag contained (this is 2 or 3 days ago):
a hairbrush and a headband
transit tickets
paper hankies and some fisherman's friends
foundation and mascara
sunglasses for me, and some for Kittycat
an agenda
a novel (La Curee by Emile Zola) - and I promise I did not plant that there to look intellectual
a blue leather purse and a black leather keychain
the sleeve of Kittycat's autumn leaves sweater (which is now attached to the sweater) and a tape measure
a piece of seashell that Kittycat bestowed upon me.

Chi wants the computer now - I have finished a trice and he has done a photoshoot, so he needs the machine - so the next 2 weeks will have to wait a while. Still, I am on my way to being caught up!


Blogger Georgiann said...

So glad you had a chance to catch up a little -- you are a busy woman (and that Kittycat is one sweet girl -- so cute in the green cardigan!)

6:01 PM  

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