Monday, June 18, 2007

Finally, a finished object

This is me in my new top. It's a Jaeger pattern from 2003, and it's done in Jaeger Trinity. Not a huge fan of the yarn, honestly - it's a silk/cotton/nylon blend, and it's got that silky sheen, but it's kind of rough to work with. I like the top though, although looking at the photos it makes me look a bit boobalicious. The pattern was fun to knit and it fits really well. I was supposed to be on a yarn diet when I bought the yarn, but the pattern was calling me so loudly I had to heed it.

There is also a photo of me using my ball winder (yeah, it's my left hand) and my swift (Kittycat's modern interpretation of a dog). Our home is hip with the technology, oh yeah.

I've been working on a poncho for Kittycat because she likes to wear her skirts as ponchos. And when I say like, let me elaborate: she pulls them over her head, is intensely proud of herself, and throws a paddy when you try to persuade her the skirt should be worn round the waist when company is coming. Hopefully a fall poncho will fulfill all her pulling-things-over-her-head desires. The pattern is out of a 1976 booklet, and was originally done in camel, orange and brown; I've changed it to blue, brown and beige, which looks tastefully retro to me. I'm using Cascade 220 - love it - not looking forward to having to handwash it each time, but on the upside, I can probably make a matching felted purse for her from it.

Also working on Caress lacy top from Fiddlesticks knitting, Michael's entrelac scarf, 2 slip-stitch scarves and an afghan in some nasty acrylic yarn that I pulled out of my UFO pile. It's WIPapalooza chez woolcat! If I didn't have all that pesky end of year marking, I'd be so productive.

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Blogger OLPP said...

Oh it's so lovely! And you look so pretty in your sweater! I wish I could knit lovely things. But alas. Not yet!

8:05 PM  

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