Monday, February 19, 2007

Garterlac dishcloth and a little hat thief

This is the garterlac dishcloth from Criminy Jickets. I found the pattern and thought I'd give it a go, because Chi (this is my husband's online pseudo) liked the Danica scarf at Knitty, and I'd never tried entrelac before. Well, if entrelac is as easy as its garter stitch variant, I like it! I'm especially pleased with this dishcloth because I like the colours - with the changing directions of the knitting, it reminds me of waves on the sea. Also, we needed a new dishcloth, so that worked out well.
Kittycat found my beret and was practising putting it on. After a few tries she managed it, and looked far too adorable in it. I especially liked this picture of her looking très française. I think she actually has an imaginary glass of vin rouge in that right hand. Mind you, I think most French people have better fashion sense than she is exhibiting here!

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