Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thirteen month dress

Finally it is done! Not in time for Kittycat's birthday, but for her 13 month birthday :)

In the first picture she is pointing at her books on the shelf. She is addicted to books right now and is always asking for them (using the tried and tested "point and whine" method of communication). It's funny because she is speaking a few words now and we're also teaching her sign language; she knows about 20 signs, but book apparently isn't one of them. In the second photo you can see the buttons - I have a button stash as well as a yarn stash, and I actually found these vintage white glass buttons in the stash. In the last one she is sleeping - I didn't want her to nap too late so went in and opened the blinds and turned on the radio, but she slept through all that AND having a camera flash at her. Most unusual. She must be tired out from looking gorgeous in her new dress :)

Having finished that I should be on to the mousie pants which need finishing. So of course, I took out the ball of Kureyon that I added to the stash last fall and started knitting it up on 7mm needles. I didn't want to swatch and waste the yarn, so I just dived in. In theory it's going to be a felted needle case, but I'm a little doubtful it's going to end up the right shape. That's fine - I think I'll knit it up, felt it, and then see what it wants to be. It's all about trying out felting, rather than having a specific project in mind. Sorry no photo today!



Blogger Michelle said...

oh c. i love love that dress it is just a gorgeous dress and a gorgeous girl!!!well done mum!!!

1:41 PM  
Blogger loraine said...

Nice job and your little one is quite adorable. :-)

7:34 AM  

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