Friday, March 16, 2007

Progress report

There is a reason for this photo - but it should be at the end of the post.
I'm suffering from a surfeit of WIPs. Above you see all my current works in progress in all their glory. From right to left: a felted bag in Twilley's Freedom Spirit (I am currently working the strap - garter stitch on 9 stitches for what feels like miles. Can anyone blame me for putting it down and hoping it somehow grows on its own? After all, Spring is nearly here); Chi's entrelac scarf in Zara (lovely yarn, and I'm using my Lantern Moon ebony needles, and it's my first real project in entrelac - but it's a scarf, for heaven's sakes. No shaping, no "yippee I am at the armhole," no "I think I can finish this cable repeat before Kittycat wakes up" - I was hoping that finishing my first 2 balls of yarn would motivate me, but they seem to be lasting forever); a scarf in a slipped-stitch pattern that I'm making as a thank you to someone who runs an online message board that I frequent (I like it and it's in Kureyon, so knitting to the next colour change is a great motivator - but I am saving it for mindless knitting time, when I am tired and need an easy pattern); at bottom left the ginkgo leave tunic (this is the swatch. I like it, but I know it will take a LONG time to do, and I need to get these other things done before I get really stuck into it); and so finally, at the left in green, I cast on for Kittycat's fall sweater. It is in Zara, it's LOVELY - the yarn shows the cables at their crispest, and makes my tension look almost perfect. I love the colour and it's knitting up very fast. It's the one that was meant to be in Snuggly DK - I like it MUCH better in extra fine merino (go figure!). I've posted a photo of Kittycat (aged 2 or 3 weeks) wearing the hooded version of the cardi, in a newborn size, in Snuggly DK, so you can see what the pattern is like. The version I'm knitting will have a sailor collar instead of the hood.

So, I have project ADD, but I think I can get Kittycat's cardi done in the next couple of weeks and then I will attack all my other projects with the appropriate amount of enthusiasm.

And my yarn diet is going well - I even went into a yarn store today and bought nothing!

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