Thursday, November 22, 2007

Status Update

Droplet hat is done - photo soon. I love it!

My mum's birthday present - a cushion cover embroidered with colonial knots - is done. I didn't take a photo, I'll have to ask her for one.

The entrelac scarf is languishing, but I'm knitting Chi a tuque instead (leftover Jaeger Matchmaker DK from his poloneck sweater, top-down, 2x2 rib, pattern improvised by me).

I have made 2 pairs of mittens - one pair of Norah Gaughans' Target Wave mittens from Knitting Nature, in Cascade 220, that are way too big for Kittycat. Another pair I improvised myself, but I'm not entirely happy with the thumbs; she likes them and they are warm, so they are OK.

And I broke my yarn diet and got some alpaca yumminess from Elann. I plan to make the Voyager stole for a student who's been in hospital for 3 weeks... I'm not too sure now about the colour I got for her, but I'm going to cast on and give it a go.

Sorry for the boring post.. I'm so behind on everything right now. I will post PHOTOS and I will post BLOGSTALKING stuff soon! Really and truly!


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