Thursday, October 23, 2008


Firstly, here is a wee sweater I completed in September. Details are all on Ravelry; it's made of Sandnes Garn Lanett which is one of my favourite (and most stashed) yarns.


And here are my October goals.

1) Finish my Lopi mittens (I made a pair for Chi and a pair for myself in September. Finally using up leftovers from my big Lopi sweater that I made in 2003!)


Here are the man-sized ones I made for Chi. I also finished a pair of navy ones for me, and have just one thumb to do on a pair of red ones for me. I think I can get this done in the next 5 days.

2) CO for green hope sock (done!)
3) Make mittens for MIL (done! but they are for Christmas so no piccies)
4) Make Kittycat a sweater

I'm doing the Shaded Aspen Leaf one from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop. First I cast on with a twist and knitted about 3 inches. Frogged. Then I knitted about an inch before realising I'd cast on 30 stitches too many. Frogged. Then I knit about 3 inches and realised it was way too tight for her (it was the same width as a t-shirt she has that fits her quite snugly!). Frogged. Finally I've got it right and it's coming along nicely, though I'm not sure it will be done by the 31st.
5) Finish Chi's sweater (this was begun in February, and it's still not done) I have frogged and reknit this a fair bit for some reason. I got all the way to the neckline, finished it off with a hem and everything, then found it fits weird. I need to knit the sleeves then go back, undo the neckline partway and then reknit. I think that if I raise the back neck a little less, it will fit more nicely.

6) Make trinity stitch hat
7) Finish microgauge sock
8) Finish green top (sewing)
9) Finish blue jacket (sewing)
10) Use 5 balls (so far: 3.5)
11) Buy no yarn or fabric (failed this one earlier this month. Maybe I should go ahead and buy fabric too, since I already got yarn from Elann at the beginning of the month)


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