Tuesday, November 04, 2008

November goals

Well, October has come and gone, and I did finish my red mittens but no other goals were met since my last post.

November goals:
1) finish the Shaded Aspen Leaf sweater for Kittycat. It just needs a neckband, hems and the underarm grafting so I might get it done this week if the neckband behaves itself and doesn't take too much thinking.
2) finish Chi's sweater. I so need to do this!
3) Knit that trinity stitch beret
4) finish sewing my blue corduroy jacket (It was fitting too loosely on me and so I had to take in the side seams, which meant adapting the armholes and sleeves, too - thinking leads to big delays in completion of craft projects)
5) finish sewing a green top for Kittycat (this is so close to done!)
6) finish the Green Hope socks (I need to work out the short row technique).
7) finish the microgauge socks (boredom is the only reason I haven't finished these yet)
8) get my O quilt ready to quilt (I made a quilt! well, a quilt top anyway. I like it. I need to finish sewing the backing pieces together, then get it ready to hand quilt. Then hand quilt it. This may take time. I'm not thinking about that right now.)
9) make some fetching mitts (this may or may not happen; if it does they will make good Christmas gifts)
10) use up 5 balls (so far: 1. I managed 4.5 last month in the end.)
11) buy no yarn or fabric (there is really, really no reason to fail on this one!)


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