Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fall sweater

Finished: Kittycat's fall sweater. It's a 2 year size, and she is currently 16 months, so for the official trying-on I had to do some serious sleeve-rolling; still, it's not as enormous on her as I feared it would be. I think it will fit her this winter. In the photos she is sitting under a table, her new favourite place to play; and in the second one attempting to put on a t-shirt (her utter failure in putting on anything other than hats does not deter her from spending big chunks of time pulling various items of clothing over her head. She especially likes wearing mummy's bra as a kind of avant-garde necklace!)

Still loving that Zara yarn - perfect for cables. I also love Kittycat in green, and this will be a nice warm sweater for kicking the leaves around; she finally started walking this week, and no doubt will be running around like nobody's business this autumn!

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