Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm here, really

Here is me in a nutshell right now:

1) my shoulder hurts and I can't knit right now. Boo!
2) I am still working on Chi's brown sweater. I'm doing the sleeve for the 3rd time, and once I've finished it and its twin, I will have to pull out the neckline and saddle shoulders and redo those so they look normal. It's an EZ seamless saddle shoulder sweater.
3) I just made a fantastic scarf out of 2 skeins of Noro Iro. I CO 240 sts on a long circular 8mm needle and just kept on in garter stitch until I ran out. I love it!
4) I'm also working on a chevron scarf. I love it, too, but it needs to be quite a chunk longer yet.
5) I'm making socks for Chi out of Cascade Heritage. 2x2 rib. I like them. He has big feet.
6) I lost 2 lbs last month. Hurrah for the Wii Fit!
7) If I can get down to my goal, I will go down a couple of dress sizes by next winter. Dilemma: do I hold off knitting sweaters for myself until I get thinner?
8) If I do knit a sweater, should I start with Tempest or Silver Belle??
9) I need to buy NO YARN ALL YEAR. This sore shoulder is the universe telling me to stop stashing.


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