Friday, April 03, 2009

April goals

Here are my April goals.

1) Helgi’s mittens, from Folk Knitting in Estonia, for Kittycat's preschool teacher. I already did Anu's mittens from the same book for the other preschool teacher. It would be nice to have them done for Easter...
2) Finish Brea bag. Only need to sew the lining into the bag now.
3) Finish Kittycat's little chevron scarf. I finally finished mine and love it, now she wants one too!
4) Make a Shetland Triangle for MIL. I just did one for myself (see #7 below) and love it. It's in Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky and I have enough, in a different colour, for another.
5) Fix back of Eastlake, finish and knit a sleeve/better yet, FINISH it! I started this in January and as with every sweater I knit, I'm having issues with it! I need to go back and add some rows to the back, then finish the neckline on the front; I'm hoping that once the fit is good in the body, the sleeves will be easier. At least once the first sleeve is done, the second should be easy!
6) CO Sylvi (only if I finish Eastlake first). I just adore this pattern; and I need to knit up all that chunky Atlantic wool that takes up so much space in the stash!
7) Finish Shetland triangle (104 rows). Done! I love it! It needs blocking.
8) Weave fabric for 3 dishcloths. I got a Schact Cricket last month and am enjoying playing with it. So far I have made 6 dishcloths. I'm playing with the dishcloth cotton because I got a whole bunch for free and don't get all ticked off if I make a mistake and waste some.
9) Get sleeves into blue jacket. This is a sewing goal; last month I made myself a top and finished one for Kittycat, but still didn't finish this silly jacket. Problem: I lost the last page of the pattern. ARGH.
10) Start smocking Kittycat's navy dress. I got a kit from Country Bumpkin oh, maybe last year? It's a 3 year old size so I need to make it. She's more of a t-shirt and jeans girl though.
11) Use 5 balls (so far: 2)
12) Buy no yarn or fabric. So far so good! Let's see how long I can last.


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